At Artizinda Wood Crafting, we believe that souvenirs should be more than just trinkets or tokens. They should be expressions of love, art, and culture, crafted with care and passion. That's why we specialize in hand crafted wooden souvenirs, made with the finest materials and techniques. Our products are designed to capture the beauty and uniqueness of our town, and to provide lasting memories for our customers. We take pride in our work, and we're committed to delivering the highest quality products and customer service. Learn more about our story, our values, and our commitment to quality on this page.


My journey & desire 0f working with wood began over 35 years ago. I received a wooden car, hand-made by my uncle. There was nothing special about this car, but the idea that someone made it for me, turned it into one of the best presents I had ever received. Later, when I was about 13 years old, growing up in a small village about 40km from Kampala, After the war, my mum couldn't afford to buy me toys. This was a common trend as many parents could afford this luxury, so I started making more toys not only for me, but also for other kids who couldn't make their own. 

It was because of this background, that I studied Bachelor of vocational studies in art and industrial design.


From a small village town in central Uganda, my ideas and creativity have blossomed alongside me. As a child, I not only enjoyed playing with toys but also had a knack for crafting them myself, not just for my own enjoyment but also for other children in post-war Uganda. During those times, toys were considered luxuries, particularly for parents whose main focus was rebuilding the country after the ravages of war. As word spread, my handcrafted toys gained popularity within the village, marking the beginning of my creative journey. This early display of ingenuity and resourcefulness eventually led to an incredible opportunity "a scholarship to Finland."


Our Products are created from Koskiply birch panels these particular panels do not crack or break when used properly, The most eye-catching details of original wood knots are visible and well preserved.

The thin plywood is flexible, light and easy to work with on any woodworking machinery including laser cutters. Koskiply is a safe material for both people and animals.  With it we make souvenirs and jewelry as well as interior decoration. We Source our raw materials From Finnish suppliers. we make sure that they from sustainable sources.


To design children puzzles, wooden souvenirs, and to bring customized laser engraving/ cutting services to our local community.

The climate crisis has presented opportunities to lead, choosing  materials with greener footprint.  At our Company we are negotiating rhetorics and imaginaries of future climate resilience. As we promote clean energy, we surely contribute to building a low-carbon economy in Finland and globally.


Safety is one of the most important consideration well thought-out in our production process. We take countless hours of planning and trials before final production we craft and hand polish every product with care while paying extra attention to usability as well as durability. Our products are Safe and non-toxic besides, we make sure that the Materials chosen for certain products meets the EN 71-3 standard, which ensures that the raw materials can be safely used for the manufacture of products intended for children.  

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